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nothing here to hold..nothing here to grab..the void where you used to be....

yeah. SO.
I've been really fucked up through all's really taking it's toll on me. Im not sad cuz they broke up..ha thats sad..cuz well I miss my best friend..seems like hes been stolen. n other stuff..but im not gunna post it..wouldnt be nice. So..I stopped crying today they..but like..i dunno..morgan has been absent for the past like week or so..n like..i feel like shit..i had an aweful did he...wasnt bout me though..::shrugs::

Im kinda at a loss...cuzz..all this emotion between the two of them just makes me feel more and more like shit.
I reaaaaaaallly think they need to move ON...cuz its really getting annoying. Some things arent meant to be...n I dunno..its just really not fair...Im trying to be there for him I really am..but all this sappy bullshit..I miss you oh I miss you too between them is really well...getting on my reaaally makes me feel like shit..cuz well number one I had something to do with it and number 2 cuz..well hes just been absent it seems..consoling her or something..n like..gah other stuff..but i wont post it either.

I love how I update only when im really annoyed, sad or happy. haha oh well..
cuz pretty much indifferent..cept when I think..then I get annoyed or sad. w/e..its just bleh. Im goin over puppys sat...although to be honost..i kinda dont want to right now..meh....reasons...well...they are infered.
Justines party is this birthday is in like 5 days..coolness..ha cept not at all.

Um..Mr. G is insaaaane..hes assigning us like a painting a week! HOW FUCKING NUTS IS HEE!!!! it would be understandable if it were fairly small..but these have to be as big as we can make um...JEEBUSSSSSSSSSSS

K. well thats enough..
jeebus brothers suckkk sometimes..oh well..still love em.
yeah k thanx byes.
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