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ever wonder if its all for you? umm right.
Well I dunno...Fri. was nice. Me n the chicas(storch,rachel, n mal) went to the el Mall...n then up to 10 car. Um..I got a bow tie..I look like pointer dexter..but with tits. Its Hot. Then we went to Coffee house..n Morgan n company showed up kinda I stayed with them n missed the first half of the show..IM SRY JIG! I LOVER U! was fun..even though there was no eskimo kisses..wait no i got one from Storch. So then the kiddies went on n morgie goes up to the mic n says "Cait stewart is gunna introduce us" gah..I was like I did..n was just like yeah these are Perry Hall kids n uh Carver kids scare em. yeah..Dave n Joe did their was funny..Then we went to the diner. My n puppy had a french frie fight..meep..those bitches hurt.
Then he was rubbing his foot all up n down my thigh n I was like flippin out coz it was ewwwwww. N i stole his shoe. fun night.
But im afraid all the fun was over when I got home n got online.

I get really sad when ppl right smack bout me n wut a shitty person I am on the internet...yeah. i woke up n went to the emergency room....? yeah I like thought I was dying from back pain..odd.
tonite...talked to puppy till like 1:30...uffa
well we had a lot of shit to work out.

N yes...You are inFUCKINGdeed still my puppy..always n forever.
um so march 1st is officially i really kickass day..anyone know y?

yeah fuckers its my bday..but also the new mars Volta cd is coming out..although ive heard a song..n it sounded....kinda....EMO?! NOOOOOOOOO

yeah anyways..i guess im done..
meep...Im kinda upset..but..theres nothing I can really wasnt my fault..
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