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We were just a bunch of bald head-kabobs with rabbit skin tied around our dings and WE LIKE IT!'s been awhile, and I am pleased to say that this year had been better than the last...although...I suppose anything would have been. My grades are social sux though..but I think I'm happier. Um lets see...vacation time...afterschool thurs. I went to Morgie's house and we chilled..sorta. We watched enternal sunshine on the spotless mind, or at least tried to. I kept making chicken noises in his ear..yeah, I dunno. Um..then Jen n Sami came over Mon. and we went to Towson and met up with Mac n I saw Cacie Sunshine and gave her my present haha. Umm...the next days were kinda a blur, because something umm..bad took places, but I think I handled it ok, I didn't do anything to myself so thats good too.
Then for New years eve I went to Morgie's house again...although I somewhat wish I had stayed home, you see I was very upset that night bout recent events, and was very anti-social.
Then yesterday the Morganpoo came over my house and we chilled. Um...we took my dog for a walk and then went to the video store and got the Thing and The Fly....The thing was scary as shit!! and I had no one to hold my hand :(
Today..I am doing nothing..possbily painting.

Somethings came to an end over break and I'm a little sad, but otherwise ok.

and other things...I dunno if they are ok...I thought they were going great...but recently I have been having conflicting thoughts....
Mogwai is reaaalllly starting to grow on me....hahahahaha
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