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You came to see a rock show, a big gigantic COCK show.. it's been a while I suppose. 17 now so happy birthday to me, eventhough it was March 1st. Um..didnt really do shit for it either, most people forgot..::shrugs:: oh well. But last fri. Morgan came over to celebrate..eventhough it was really pointless cuz it was like all of 3 hrs. n we spent most of it driving. But he got me a bubblegun, socks, a stuffed puppy, a glass sunflower, one of those really squishy pillows, and some candy, which he ended up eating haha. But it was a lovely bday present, he knows me all too well. Jenny also got me sunflower seeds and Lena got me incense and Kylie burned me the Flaming Lips n Dark Side of the Moon. Um..yeah the last sat. the girlies came over. aka(Rachel. Jen, Jig, n Heather) n went to go see Morgan n the flying eyes play at St. Johns. We also went to Ellicott City..n I got an earring? ha Rachel has the other one.Ummm..yeah so then my mom drove us to St. Johns n Mrs. Aggie gave me "sparkling poprocks" which was a total rip off cuz they soooo did not sparkle ha. Then uh..I kinda saw Morgan..but ran away..cuz im dumb..but everyone was dragging me to see him and I just didn't want I was kinda in a shitty mood. When he came on I went to the back..coz im dumb.but then I moved all the way to the front and sat right in front of him so he could see me. Um..he also played Opposites Attract..which is my favorite song b/c its its about me haha :) n jen said I turned as red as a tomato. Ha so I went with Frank-kay T Jerome n Morgan of coarse to Chinese..n puppy ordered an order of egg roll..which cracked me n Frankie up cuz we find basically everything amusing..but it was we were like a platter of eggroll please..ha shutup. Um..the Jerome did this German accent which made me crack up..but I was eating pop rocks at the same they came out my nose..Frankie T renamed them snot rocks...thaaaanx. haha. Um the Flying Eyes came on n they were just absolutely utterly AWESOME.I was like holy shit I know all of em. haha. Got to chilll with Elias n Mac. which made me happy.
Um..then the girls went back to my house n spent the nizzle. haha we got slurpees Doritos and trashy magazines..why am I being such a girl lately? haha. It was fun..we watched Tank Girl..haha CLASSIC. "You have a booger hanging outa your left nostrile, I think you should pick it with THIS finger. haha great movie. Sun- I have no idea wut I did...
This week they picked MDS, and sadly I was not one of the chosen..made me feel really shitty at first but I talked to Mr. G n he gave me the low-down bout it's ok. Umm..yeah this wk though has been so stressful, deaths, school, hospitals, night terrors. ::sigh:: but Im ok.
So Fri..I went to Towson with Jig..but she left me around 4ish..n my dad couldnt pick me up till 6ish, but I though I would be ok..cuz..Kylie was supposed to come up to Towson n then Jen was too. But ha neither of them I walked around by myself for 2 hrs n took pictures..I did get some cool ones, but Towson is just trashy now. Yesterday was of coarse spent at the Denners, ha wut else do I do lately? But this time Jen came with me..which I dunno..I liked having Je n there..coz I love jen..but I dunno..ha it didnt feel the same..but I liked it. Then we went to Nicks..where there was a DEAD BEAR in the living room n Jen n I were like flipping out about it. haha.
Um..Jen had to leave at 6..I thought id be really bored..but actually I felt more like..a human? haha. talked to Courtney for a bit..shes so nice..n met this really cool girl Dani..she is sooo fucking nice, n she gave me a hug when she left. Um..yeah when they were practicing..morgan pushed me against the wall OUCH so I pinched his ass :P Um..after we ate pizza..I slept..I really did..I was so fookin tired that I slept right next to Morgans amp for like 10 mins..but I could feel the floor shaking..ha but then Courtney jumped on top of me n I was just like.." you...suck" n went back to sleep. Then we watched Orange County for a little while..haha funny movie. I never realized how really awesome puppy is at the guitar..until last night..but he really is..when he was just like soloing improv, i guess. but I was watching n was just like holy shizzle man. haha. Thennn we fianlly got back to the Denner residence at like 10:45 n we watched TV. but Morgan kept on changing the Channelll n he woulsnt stop so I took the remote..n then he sat on top of me to try n get it back..n TICKLED I was like OH HELL NO..n bit him..n tickled him..but then he beat me over the head with a pillow..n HIT MY NOSE WAHH *cries* But thats ok..then my mommy came for me at like 11:15 haha so we hugged goodbye..n talked..for like 5 mins..then hugged again for another 5 mins. I just wouldnt leave. I felt really dumb afterwards..but I just didnt wanna go. But he gave me an eskimo kiss..n made my nose all better.:) I dunno why ive been like so dependent on him lately..or why I miss him so much..I feel really stupid n like don't know wuts wrong with me. Oh yeah..some douche keeps on leaving annonymous comments on my journal bout Morgan..n well usually I delete them..but this time I left it. REVEAL YOURSELF O SHITFACED I can come and CUT you..b/c you're a whore :) kool.
Um today..I slept n did HW..but tomarrow appearently im not going to school..cuz im going to the "vagina doctor" woop woop. hope im not pregnant..oh gee.
Anyways..before I leave..I think you all should know these bands that I've been listening lately..n you should get into them too:
Radiohead(even more so)
Ryan Adams
Smashing Pumpkins
Foo Fighters
PEACHES(haha I blame Sam)
the cramps
The Music
Minus the Bear
The Decemberists
Guided by Voices
Sparta..(coming to the recher..holy hell)
listen to emm
oh yeah..I got my haircut..n I have bangs..hahaha..yeah
peace muther fookas
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