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I got sore eyes and poor eyes and no eyes at all...

I cut off my dread.
Morgan wants to cut off all not going to let him..cuz..I love his long hair..n its too much change for me :(
I want my dread back though.
Mr.G drives me tired of his bullshit.

Mars Volta cd comes out tomarrow. im buying it..but it doesnt seem all..

My weekend has been really boring..cept Sat. cuz I went to the Denners and well fun is just inferred when I spend time with my puppy :)Saw Constantine..pretty good..plot was fucked..but the story was really cool..haha.
went to Strapazzas..ate pizza..of I eat anything else? no.
Went back..watched Snatch for a little bit..haha..we were acting like idiots..fighting n such..he SMACKED my foot. but we got bored n had a pillowfight..haha..the went downstairs n watched who's line hahah soo furking funny, were u the salesclerk that flashed me? Y yes.
N we cuddled..awww..kitty n was so lervly..:) Cuz I felt so relaxed n safe. :) aww..look at the sad sappy suckerhaha.
But then I said it was my turn cuz I was wearing pants..haha so he layed on me..n I was rubbing his head..aww..I really am a kitty haha
well..yeah..Im dont..
oh yeah tonite is my last night being 16..
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