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It's Snizzizzeling...

So...weekend...well...yeah..good n bad things.
Fri..was wonderfullll :) I came home and I SLEPT!! ah from 4-8 slept right threw guitar though..damn. Got up at 8 n ate some chicken. Then went to bed at 10 n didnt wake up till 12 the next day.

Sat. was a day to myself..I felt very girly. I took a reallly long shower and I did a face mask thingy n a hair mask thingy..n I shaved my legs..oh oh scandalous. Then me n Sami planned to go to Towson n eat at Rainforest Cafe. SO I put on MAKEUP woah! only I cant figure out how to get it off..oh well. Me n Sami were like really spaced out..n I was really paranoid..we took some funny picatures..but I dont really remember anything else haha. I got home and morgan called around 11...and well..I donno we talked some things over, I ended up crying coz Im a wuss n I can...but there was a misunderstanding that I got upset over..n yeah. So I didnt end up getting off the phone with him till

Sun.- Got up round 10:30..umm..dont really remember wut I did..I read..ate probably..n Jen came over round 3 along with Allison. Then we picked up Rachel around 4ish to go hit Towson..AGAIN..we met up with Morgan n the band..and I tackled him :) I so win..he didnt even see it cominggg. We all walked around for a bit..and I found a balloon tied to a trash being the cool person that I am..took it off..then me n puppy popped a hole in it..n started sucking the helium out..haha twas awesome. Went back into Barnes n Noble n jen took pictures of me being a treehugger...then all of us having finger sex. We also saw Mr. Brauer haha n talked to him for a bit..I told him to not get shot..i dunno..haha yeah..So..then we met up with Jeremy n FRANKIE T. haha..n walked to Ruby Tuesdays..I found MINT FLAVORED ECSTACY WUT?!..haha n I ate it..n Jeremy filmed the whooole thing..cuz then I spit it at Rachel n she flipped. During dinner Jeremy kept on making some *special* comments and we were smacking the hell outa eachother..the Denners are like family to me..I love it. After dinner me n Morgan went to the Commons..n I sat on his back n tried to crack it..haha then he did mine..n it cracked like a billion times so I let out this really loud groan haha...n everyone came over..n started laughing coz it looked like he was butt raping me..wut can I say..thats how us pimps n drug dealers roll :) So..we headed off the Recher..n the bands..I really liked..n OTOM came on so me rachel allison n jen pushed all the way to the front..n I was right in front of my puppy..n I threw my kitty at him that he gave me for good luck..haha..he kept looking at me every once n a I made silly faces at him to calm him down n make him smile. N Courtney..haha she came over n like sang to me n I got some really awesome pictures of the band..specially of Courtney :) But after they just went alll downhill from there..She was crying..I donno why..but I can guess...yeah..Um..I was pissed..coz I felt kinda blown off..coz yeah..but he called me later..n I wasnt pissed we talked for a bit...made plans for today..n all was good. But then I got this messege on AIM for me to come back..yeah..they broke up..I dont really know wut to say..but everyones sad..:( So today Morgan n I cant hang out coz parents are bitches..but hes coming over Sat. So..I feel really depressed..coz..of this whole situation..n I donno..feels like theres just an empty hole inside me..I feel aweful..coz somehow..I had something to do with it...I wish I could make him happy :(

Today I think I shall sleep..I feel like poo...wait for Sat. so I know everyone is ok..n I can see Morgan's face n him smiling..n such..I cant believe IM crying over this..this is DUMBBBBBB...but I think I shall call him today n sing him lullabies like I did last night :)..yeah..I dunno..
Im watching Old School to try n laugh..its really funny..haha n kinda movie. I wanna see my girls tomarrow..n I dunno..just cry..ok..Im done..yeah..
Take Care everyone.
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