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For most love comes for free

So.....I dont really know. This week has kinda sucked major ass...discluding the weekend by the way. I really hate rumors n shit..n how some people are just I dont like being bitter but this whole rituation has left me with such remorse. Oh and...I can hang out with whomever the hell I want thank you very much and he nor I do NOT need your permission k thanx.
Also..warn me to stay away from him or tell me that Im "cutting into your time" one MORE time and I will find you and cut you. I was here go jump off a bridge.
Well that feels better...yes I know Im an angry person...but I think I have the right to be. art has really been pissing me the fuck off...fucking maryland distiguished scholar! GAH! well...two of my pieces DID make it into the uh yay. But Im seriously not gunna get picked for MDS..n that...depresses me..alot. Mrs. McDaniel did tell me to get my art together..but I have a feeling..for something else..i donno.

But my weekend has been incredible.
Fri. I went to Ellicott City with Blukin n Samipoo. Twas fun...I gotta stuffed kitty n a new skirt. woot woot. Then went to geetar..n learned No Woman No Cry..but my mom was really realllllly late picking me up so I was in the music store for 2 hrs. but I didnt mind :) then came home..n ate dinner..chinese bitches. Um..then I just kinda cried..cuz a wuss..n somethings make me really frustrated.
So..sat..was wonderfulfantasicalterrific.
I went to the Denners...indeed. I went in slippers too..cuz I hurt my foot on Fri. yes I came in I got surprised with a bouquet of tulips n a stuffed kitty shoved in my face. Gah but I didnt know that underneath the kitty was a box...of box of chocolates that is and the best card I think anyone has ever given to me. When I read it..I honostly didnt know wut to do or left me speechless :) I almost wanted to was just..THAT wonderful..dont ask.
So..then Jeremy n his gf came home n we all watched The Best of Chris Farley..."you Colombian son of a Bitch..Ill kill you!" haha..classic.
Then Mrs. Aggie took the 4 of us out to dinner to Bertucci's mmm yummy pizza.."wut took you so long? Did u fall in? no..I lost." haha.
Then we went to AC Moore and I ran away from de puppy to buy him these prisma colors that he wanted but didnt ahve enough money. N I did..n surprised him..n got a BIG hug..yay n we went to the book store..n I got "lost" in the art section...
When we came back home..I taught him how to draw with the pens he baught..he did a very good job for his first time. :)
Then we went in his room to play. I CAN BAR CHORDS NOW! ha cha cha! n we played No Woman no Cry. n..did some stuff..? And then we went onto planning the partay. We got as far as the invite list n we arent even done with that well at least Im not..cuz there are some EDITS I would like to make. yes.
Um then it was time to leave..cuz my dads a BUTT..but i love em. So I took a picture of morgie n im gunna put it on myspace like I promised. So at the door I got a huuuge hug..n then he rubbed his nose all over my face..and then he did it on the other side...And then he tried to give me an eskimo kiss..but I hit my head on his hat n couldnt go any further yeah i went UNDER his hat and gave him eskimo fave.
In the car..I couldnt stop smiling..coz..that day was filled with my favorite things..Puppy..TOOLIPS..Chris eskimo kisses...n PUPPY( most important) cuz he loves me zits n all..haha.

Now I shall leave you with the card that made me bust...coz.I can:

You are my best friend.

Sometimes we talk for hours.
Sometimes we don't even need words.

But always, always
we know each other's heart
..then a messege from my puppy..but I wont type that.

Jeebus that made me feel soooo good..I just wow. bursted!<33
yes ok so ill stop being a SAD SAPPY SUCKER..yes..

Feb. 20th bitches! OTOM show at the recher! Be there or BE....

DEAD. ya dig?
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