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Garsh... hate Mr. G right now
Im so not motivated to paint or draw or doing anything art related and I blame him. He tells me I dont push myself enough...well im exhausted.Youll never amount to anything if you dont try harder.
Ya know wut shove it.
I didnt get chosen for scholastics...which kinda frustrates me..cuz I really liked my piece and the pieces that they chose..were..WACK. ha no. But im kinda tired of working so hard and not getting any regonition.
Um yesterday I went with Linde n Blair sledding twas muchas fun. Ha we tackled eachother and I ended up in a very questionable position with my legs over my head and completly wiiide open.
Today I went over my puppys house n had a blast like always :)
We went sleddin n him n Jeremy wanted me to form a train with them..but they always smack into eachother, so I pushed em down..hehe
But then they got me back n pushed me down the hill n I got snow down my shirt...:(
Then we went insiiiiide n watched the FLY..GAH!! disgustiiiiiiing
I had no one to hold my hand our cuddle with..haha b/c im pathetic...but it was grosss..:( they killed the baboon
Then we ate dinner n I felt bad cuz I wasnt hungry n they kept offering me food.
Then we went downstairs n just kinda chilled...
and by chilled I mean had a pillow fight and wrestled bleh puppy put me in a head lock and tickled me so I bit him :)aand im getting better at pillow fighting infuckingdeed. He also punched me in the boob...TWICE! grrrr
Um..I was putting myself into all these wierd positions while puppy played geetar...n I found out I can do the bridge..then I showed him my doublejointed toes. I can put my legs over my head and said " if I were a man, I could totally suck my own cock." haha im a loser. We took some picatures too...n they are prettyful:D I spent nine hrs with the Denners..haha..I think thats a they must be sick of
my art show is be there or be DEAD bitches
Kittys love their puppys infuckingdeed..MUAH!
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