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I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 sick SICK....

Im really SICK of teenage drama. How people think its the end of their lives if their girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with them, or they get embaressed in front of their peers..NEWFLASH: LIFE GOES ON! Im sick SICK SICK of how teenage life is portrayed in movies, how its all about dating and then everything is fantastic for all the "good" characters by the end of the film...OH HAPPY DAY...maybe some people's lives are like this,no, I know some people's lives are like's all about the current girl or boyfriend...and its oh so tragic when its over. But then in the end everything is all wrapped up nice and tight b/c they have found a new "love". Over the past week I have lost my adopted brother, my cousin, my cousin's wife, and my best friend, to the tsunami, paralysis, suicide, and a girlfriend. They all equally feel like shit. Dating is not the most important thing in our get the fuck over it.

I have the flu now and have never felt so alone in a very long time...
thank you and goodnight
Im also coughing up a lung
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